Few months ago, my family and I started the travel blog. As we travel very often, we decided to create a web site where we write about our travels and adventures. We made traveling our priority and wanted to explore as much as we can.


During late September, I visited 11 top restaurants in Washington DC area, and photographed them for the Fall Dining Guide by Tom Sietsema. Tom, a Washington Post food critic presented his top favorite restaurants in DC for a Wash Post Magazine edition. My assignment was to photograph signature dishes of some of the city's most famous Chefs. Not only I got to visit and photograph great restaurants and dishes, but I got meet some fabulous chefs that are changing DC's dining scene and putting our National capitol on a famous Michelin Dining map.

On my 10 days assignment trail, I visited the following restaurants: All Purpose (Chef Michael Friedman); Pineapple & Pearls (Chef Aaron Silverman); Bad Saint (Chef Tom Cunanan); Kinship (Chef Eric Ziebold); Convivial (Chef Cedric Maupillier); Minibar by Jose Andres (Chef Joshua...


Iceland, a Nordic island country, is one of the rare countries that I visited twice within a year. This time I took my time exploring and discovering this completely untouched volcanic island. As weather is unpredictable and brutal in some moments even during the summer, I managed to see most beautiful and photographic landscapes in the world. This is truly the photographer's paradise, as the images create themselves. The dramatic clouds, green fields, lava cliffs, glaciers and numerous waterfalls are so beautiful, that takes you to sublime state.

This time I focused on filming Iceland from high in air with a little help of DJI phantom 3. This little robot, took me places I can only imagine and visualize in my mind.


I photographed two editorials for The Washington Post Magazine, City Cool, published on June 26th and The Hammer Blow on Carderock, published on July 10th.

The City Cool, by Deborah K. Dietsch, the main focus was the interiors of three very different properties in Washington DC metro area, all owned by two very cool gents William and Graig. The images ranged from eclectic to modern to county cottage style.

The Hammer Blow on Carderock, by Ken Otterbourg, I had to create Ansel Adams style black and white images of Carderock's climbing area. I needed to portray the safe haven for young climbers.


Last Friday I used my DJI Phantom 3 drone to create some aerial photographs and small video of the property in North Potomac, Maryland. Some of the marketing companies for real estate require aerial images and videos, so I started to explore my ways to shoot more from the air, than from the ground. As DC metro area is very complex with no fly zone around the nation's capital, I had to focus on more remote places. This was a small test shoot where I had to crate 6 aerial photographs and a 1 min video of the property. The whole process was about 45min long, with set-up and shooting, and I took around 15 aerial images and about 8 min of footage.


Last week I was photographing in Food Lab for The Washington Post food section, where food editors tasted new recipes. The Pineapple upside-down cake was prepared by Backy Krystal and styled by Bonnie Benwick. We decided to use natural light for this magnificent and colorful cake so create nice highlights of the glazed cake. The pineapple and cherries added color and shape to the texture of the cake.

Fruity Salmon, a grilled salmon with colorful variety of cherries and green beans, styled by Bonnie Benwick.


I recently visited Amsterdam, with my sister, and this was the first time we traveled together after many, many years. As we our trip was short, we decided to visit the Centrum (downtown) of the city. Most of the time we used GVB public transportation, and for 17.00 euros per pass we were able to cover all our transportation needs. From the airport, the easiest way to get to the city is by rail, and for 10 euros one way you can get to the Centraal Station in approx. 30min. From Centraal station, we could accessThe Red light District, take the canal tour, have a lunch or dinner in one of the hundreds great restaurants and bars, visit Museumplein (Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh or Stedelijk museums). The downtown of Amsterdam is not very big and it's very accessible by foot or bicycle. The free...