Photographing Top 10 restaurants for Fall Dining Guide

During late September, I visited 11 top restaurants in Washington DC area, and photographed them for the Fall Dining Guide by Tom Sietsema. Tom, a Washington Post food critic presented his top favorite restaurants in DC for a Wash Post Magazine edition. My assignment was to photograph signature dishes of some of the city's most famous Chefs. Not only I got to visit and photograph great restaurants and dishes, but I got meet some fabulous chefs that are changing DC's dining scene and putting our National capitol on a famous Michelin Dining map.

On my 10 days assignment trail, I visited the following restaurants: All Purpose (Chef Michael Friedman); Pineapple & Pearls (Chef Aaron Silverman); Bad Saint (Chef Tom Cunanan); Kinship (Chef Eric Ziebold); Convivial (Chef Cedric Maupillier); Minibar by Jose Andres (Chef Joshua Hermias); Inn at Little Washington (Chef Patrick O'Connell); Little Serow (Chef Johnny Monis); Rasika (Chef Vikram Sunderam); Komi (Chef Johnny Monis) and Sushi Taro (Chef Nobu Yamazaki).

On October 12th, Michelin dining guide awarded 5 restaurants with 2 and 1 star, that end up on the Tom's favorite restaurant list. For the first time DC was recognized and awarded for it's fine dining cuisine. Michelin 2 star recipients are Inn at Little Washington, Minibar and Pineapple & Pearls, and 1 star Kinship and Sushi Taro.


Beet salad and Chocolate Pudding trio by Chef Patrick O'Connell

As I hopped from restaurant to a restaurant, I tried some of the best food. Not only I watched great chefs create and plate these fabulous dishes, but at the end I tasted these heavenly meals. These DC places represent some of the world's cuisines from French, Filipino, Thai, Italian, Indian, Greek to Traditional American. Like any artists, chefs take pride in their food, making sure everything is perfect on the plate and ready to be served. Using the natural light to illuminate the dishes, I wanted to create neutral colors and show as much texture as possible.


Foie Gras by Chef Johnny Monis of Komi and Little Serow